Power Generation & Transmission

Structures in the power generation and transmission sector include both reinforced concrete and brickwork, in many cases of considerable age and always essential infrastructure in the delivery of Customer services. Structures potentially include all types covered elsewhere, but also include concrete gantries and similar infrastructure within sub-stations and concrete lamp posts and poles etc. across country and along streets.

Consequently, working in this market sector, similar to our other sectors, presents its own set of issues which need to be addressed and allowed for, early, whilst remaining flexible enough to complete sometimes critical work in terms of supply and Health and Safety.

In most cases, overall, sites remain operational, with potentially significant issues around temporary outages and access. Consequently, close liaison with the Customer and detailed planning are always critical, to maintain high levels of Health and Safety, and Quality, whilst ensuring that we complete our work effectively. On many sites we are required to have operatives specifically trained as 'nominated' and / or 'authorised', e.g. to issue and sign-off permits, undertake safety critical work and ensure the highest levels of Health and Safety.

Structures can be exposed to a number of significantly differing environments, e.g. externally exposed to the ravages of the local environment; sometimes exposed in remote, windswept and more or less aggressive locations. Each environment requires a subtly differing approach in terms of the inspection, survey and investigation methodologies and the interpretation of test data also needs careful and specialist consideration so that the right conclusions are made and remedial works proposals correctly targeted and costs optimised.