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CRL Surveys is an independent specialist Building Pathologists undertaking the Inspection, Assessment and Structural Investigation of buildings and structures both in the UK, where we have six regional offices and overseas. A thorough Inspection, Assessment/ Structural Investigation should be considered as risk mitigation, e.g. mitigating the risks of dilapidations developing into defects /unknowns developing into extra overs during repair and refurbishment projects. With the former we can assist you with maintaining your structures in safe, operational condition, whilst gathering the data needed to prioritise timely maintenance and for the latter, we can assist you take budgetary control, minimising the risks of costly overruns.


One of the cornerstones of our business success has been our commitment to innovation. Each year we invest in the development of new techniques and materials for our specialist market sector which enables us to provide cost-effective innovative engineering solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely.
We constantly challenge ourselves to drive continuous improvement in employee development & safety


As members of the Civil Engineering Contractors, Centura Group Companies adhere to the Heath & Safety of our employees and everyone else affected by our activities is fundamental to the culture within the Centura Group; which both cascades down into CRL Surveys where we also recognise it as a critical factor in the success of our business. At CRL Surveys, we believe our success is driven by our commitment and ability to keep our workforce, and everyone else, safe. We operate knowing that nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely, and we strive to create a safe environment in which no one is harmed.


CRL Surveys has worked with the HSE on specific initiatives such as Silica Dust in the construction industry. As a result of this collaboration, we supported the HSE review of their current guidance on silica dust, along with published papers in New Civil Engineer, Concrete Magazine and the in-house journal of the Concrete Repair Association. 

Health & Safety

Effective engagement gives us an opportunity to innovate for more sustainable outcomes and achieve our Health and Safety goals. All Directors and Senior Staff are also required to undertake regular site visits which include reviews and audits of safety practices. We actively review the audit data gathered in order to identify needs for corrective and improvement actions, needs for additional training or re-training, and trends relating to our overall performance. CRL Surveys review and audit data is incorporated into the Centura Group who operates health and safety procedures that are externally audited to OHSAS 18001. The Centura Group directly employs in-house Safety Advisors who have the responsibility also to carry out Safety Audits on our sites and issue internal safety alerts to our staff and operatives highlighting specific risks.

Nigel Roper
Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner

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