CRL Surveys undertake tensile bond or load (pull-off or pull-out) testing; A large number of different tests have been applied to concrete repair products, coatings and other materials, together with various fixings and anchors by material manufacturers, anxious to develop products that are fit for purpose, by specifiers, wishing to ensure that materials, as placed or applied, are compliant, fit for purpose and consistent, and also those responsible for monitoring and maintaining structures, requiring methods to provide data reflecting the ongoing performance of materials, in service.

There are many subtly different test methods, covered by many industry standards, developed in the UK, Europe and Internationally, with adhesion testing variously described within at least CIRIA Technical Note 139, BS 1881: Part 207: 1992, BS EN ISO 4624: 2003 (BS 3900: Part E10: 1979), ASTM C321-2005, ASTM C1583 / C1583M - 04e1 and BS5080.

CRL Surveys undertake pull-off testing using the methods described within BS 1881:Part 207:1992, BS 3900-E10:2003, BS EN ISO 4624:2003, BS 5080:Part1:1993 and CFA Guidance note –Procedure for site testing construction fixings – 2012.

This procedure is covered by CRL Surveys UKAS Accreditation, UKAS Ref: 2728. For further details please visit