To back up our NO COMPROMISE approach, all of the projects undertaken by CRL Surveys, no matter how small or 'simple', start with the preparation of a Construction Phase Plan, which includes detailed, bespoke and site specific Method Statements, which necessarily include mobilisation, all proposed activities and de-mobilisation. Method Statements and all of the proposed activities are then subjected to hazard analysis, with initial risk assessments, risk reductions and final risk assessments.

We will not undertake any on-site work where we cannot reduce risk, whether to our operatives, other site staff or third parties and property, to a level that would be considered as 'low'. In many cases, as we work on 'live' or 'open' sites, as sole contractor and for relatively short durations.

We will therefore not have had time fully to familiarise ourselves with a site and our Method Statements and Risk Assessments are considered as 'live' and 'dynamic', with the site supervisor authorised to stop work where necessary and trained to revise Method Statements (including working hours) and Risk Assessments.

"Concrete repair is the core in-house repair activity and the origin of the business when it was established in 1955."