CRL Surveys undertake thermal imaging in order to aid in the resolution of the hidden routes of pipework and ducting, buried deeply within walls and floors, and to assess whether historical vents are still 'open' and operational. Thermal imaging has proved to be extremely useful, minimising the use of more expensive methodologies and damaging intrusive breaking out.

We have also used thermal imaging for the evaluation of voiding, e.g. voids encountered within and behind 'old' gunite repairs, where the size, extent and complexity of the voids have been relatively quickly assessed, so that decisions can be made to break-out and re-repair, or to grout inject.

In these circumstances we can also evaluate the approximate volume of any voids and therefore the quantities of grout required, assess the condition of any reinforcement within the voids, using fibre-optical borescopes.

During commissioning, we have successfully identified short-circuits within impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems, to enable resolution of problems, with a minimum of delay and a minimum of remedial work.