Bearing Replacement on Highway Structures

Bridge bearings are structural equipment or devices installed between bridge substructure and superstructure to transfer the applied load including earthquake loads; wind loads; traffic loads; and superstructure self-weight. Bridge bearings also allow for relative movements between the superstructure and substructure, for instance, rotational movements and translational movements in both the horizontal and transverse direction. Bearing used in the construction of bridge structures are divided into two major categories; namely expansion bearings and fixed bearings. The former permits both translational and rotational movements whereas the latter allows rotational and limited translational movements.

The presentation,'Bearing Replacement on Highway Structures' will cover the need to replace bearings, an explanation on the different types of bearings, typical constraints affecting temporary works for the jacking works, issues associated with the installation of temporary works, removal of existing bearings, use of movement monitoring systems, how to install a new bearing and typical grouts and flowable concretes used in the installation of new bearings.

The presentation will follow the works carried out on the A35 viaducts into Southampton and the high level of precision and monitoring necessary with the replacement of all the bearings on this bridge deck.


The Presentations